Categories of cultures

We all belong to many different cultures — you might be surprised by how many if you consider categories within cultures.

So before going any further think about how many cultures you are a member of — cultures you can participate in, and be seen by others as an active member.

A few examples of categories and sub-categories are listed below — often cultures are so big that they have many cultures within a type.


Religion Race/Ethnicity Nationality Gender Sexual orientation Interest groups
Buddhism: Tibetan, Theravada, Mahayana

Pākehā: Scots, English, French, Irish etc          







Political parties

Christianity: Orthodox, Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican etc

Māori: Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou, Ngāi Tahu, Tūhoe etc             







Islam: Sunni, Shi'a, Sufi etc

Tongan Samoa    Transgendered Bisexual Sports
Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform etc Filipino Australia     Gangs
Hinduism: Shaktism, Shaivism etc Chinese Canada     Corporations