Organisations and networks

The NZ AIDS Foundation Includes link an extensive library collection on a large range of AIDS related topics

Diversity Works The Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Trust provides information and tools on EEO and raises awareness of diversity issues in the workplace.

Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research CACR is engaged in research, training, public education and policy advice across four major areas of cross cultural study: Cross-cultural comparison; Acculturation and adaptation.

Rainbow Youth Education in schools, support groups, advocacy, and resources which promote equality and acceptance

National Equal Opportunities Network NEON is a partnership between the Human Rights Commission and the EEO Trust.

CCS Disability Services works in partnership with disabled people, their families and whanau to ensure equality of opportunity, quality of life and an environment that enhances full community integration and participation.

Event Finder Connects people with New Zealand culture (art, performance, music, books, heritage, festivals, events and more.

Age Concern works to serve the needs of older people by offering nationally contracted services, education, resources and national leadership. Agender NZ Inc supports transgender people and their families throughout New Zealand.